Why Penis Enlargement Pumps Do Not Work

Penis enlargement pumps do not work, or so you will be told by hundreds of online articles written sponsored by products that offer men either surgery or an alternative to the penis pump.

It’s a common issue across the media, no matter how reliable the source appears a PR machine will be behind the story – especially if it is a sensational one and there aren’t many topics more eye-catching than stories about penis size and penis enlargement.

Penis Pump

So, do penis pumps actually work? What sources can you trust? Well … the truth is that they only work if used properly and there aren’t many, if any, sources that tell both sides of the story.

One of the biggest problems with penis pumps is that a lot of men have used them to increase their penis size.

Ordinarily the more experience people have of a product the better the feedback is – but in this case we know from anecdotal evidence the majority of these penis pump users don’t use the device properly.

Penis pumps take a lot of work. That’s just a fact. But don’t let that put you off using a penis enlargement pump, as every alternative (even surgery) requires a lot of input to get results.

With penis enlargement you have to face the fact that you’ll have to put some effort in every day to see any kind of lasting size increase.

Our studies show that most men drop out of the routine after around 6 weeks, whilst on average men that see lasting results will have to put in at least three months of daily work to enlarge their penis with a penis pump.

Users of penis pumps have higher expectations than they should. Unfortunately other brands of penis pumps, disreputable websites, false information in the press and inbuilt male ambition all have a part to play in these expectations.

Even the genuine sources can be misleading sometimes. You will see genuine testimonials from men who have had amazing results really quickly – and these stories and images are recycled time and time again convincing people they too will see huge gains in no time at all.

The truth is, penis size gains differ from person to person. The information on the rest of this site is true, but if you haven’t seen the size improvements others have enjoyed make sure you’re using your penis pump correctly and just stick with it.

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