What Is A Woman’s Favourite Penis Size?

Ever Wondered a Woman’s Favourite Penis Size?

Well, the mystery is over thanks to the latest video by Elite Daily who recorded women’s thoughts on the ideal penis size and asked them to draw their perfect penis. The results are not what you would expect.

If that’s not enough information for you, the topic has been pretty well covered in recent years with the National Institutes of Health penis survey using 3D Models one of the most comprehensive in drilling down penis size preference – suggesting the best size is roughly between 7.25 and 8.25 inches in length and 6.25 – 6.5 inches in girth. Bad news for Mr.Average.

So, what can you do if you are not measuring up to your woman’s expectations? You can make your penis bigger and level the playing field.

Size Matter

We know more about cosmetic improvements and body augmentation now than ever before and we have the technology at our disposable to pump, tuck, reduce and expand almost every body part giving us the polished look of our favourite celebs with little effort so why should penis size and shape be any different? Well, you’ll be pleased to know the penis isn’t off-limits and you can make a big difference with just a little help. All you need is a good quality penis pump.

You might find it difficult to believe but penis pumps have been around for decades and are even used by urologists to help men with various issues. They can work to correct penile curvature, solve erection issues, they can be used as a tool during penis surgery recovery and they can work as a stand-alone erection aid.

The basic penis pump has not changed much over the years, but thanks to years of research which has led to many patented technologies, the Bathmate hydro pump has revolutionised the penis pump market – bringing about a more enjoyable, more comfortable way to experience penis pumps and with better results.

Just like a traditional penis pump, Bathmate Hydromax uses a vacuum to draw blood into the penis and stretch the skin. But, because the system uses water and has several advantages over its air-powered rivals.

The Bathmate system helps to spread the vacuum across the whole penis, something air pumps cannot do. With the addition of warm water the blood flows better in the body giving you a better erection and allowing the penis to stretch more. Due to the use of water, the vacuum sensation is less harsh so you shouldn’t feel pain. Bathmate’s unique design means you’re not reliant on clumsy hand pumps, you simply compress the pump several times until it locks in place.

If you’re on the small side don’t worry. Contradicting the above information, Some expert suggests women like a smaller penis – and it’s not all about size what you do with it really does count for a lot. The fact of the matter is, if your penis size is leading to reduced sexual confidence you will never perform as good as you want to do in the bedroom. So, it’s time to take charge and get that confidence back.

Bathmate Hydromax will really help in that department as every time you use it you’ll look instantly bigger and harder – so Bathmate could be the perfect pre-sex workout that helps give you an edge.

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