Watch out for Fake Bathmate Hydromax Sites

Like any popular product that comes with a premium price tag, the Bathmate Hydromax penis enhancement pump is being copied and fake products are flooding the market.

Every week we help to identify fake Bathmate Hydromax sites and close them down to protect our customers and the Bathmate name.

Although negative feedback about Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps is rare, it is usually the case that the bad experiences have been caused by products sold on fake Bathmate Hydromax sites and on online auctions like Ebay.

Therefore we always encourage you to find a top Bathmate Hydromax retailer, to protect yourself from a bad experience and to ensure that when you use your Bathmate Hydromax you’re doing so with complete confidence.

Things to Look for with a Fake Bathmate Hydromax Site

The first thing you should look at is the website. Does the site look poorly built and does it have a contact form? Many fake sites are closed down pretty quickly so fake Bathmate Hydromax sites don’t put the effort into design like a more established Bathmate Hydromax site will.

Of course, if the site is fake you’ll probably notice that it is very difficult to get hold of someone behind the scenes to ask a question about the product or send feedback about a purchase you have made. If there is no contact information on the site at all then steer clear.

Other signs to look out for include the product images. If the images don’t match up to what you would expect a Bathmate Hydromax to look like then the product you are looking at is probably not a Bathmate or Hydromax.

Some sites will use the Bathmate Hydromax name to draw you in but openly show you a completely different product so make sure you are familiarised with the models of Bathmate Hydromax on sale. If the product you’re looking at doesn’t match then stay away.

The last thing to look out for when identifying a fake Bathmate Hydromax site is the price. As a well-recognised branded product with lots of technology behind it, you won’t find a genuine Bathmate Hydromax on sale 50-60% lower than the typical RRP.

If you see these kinds of prices then leave straight away. If you see a Bathmate Hydromax on sale the biggest discount you’re likely to get from a genuine Bathmate Hydromax site is between 10-20%

Fake Bathmate Hydromax

Things to Look for When Your Bathmate Hydromax Arrives

The first thing you should do when you receive your Bathmate Hydromax is look closer at the product to ensure it is the real thing before you use it. Does the product match the pictures on the website, is it made to the high standards you would expect of a Bathmate Hydromax?

Make sure the product is sturdy and there are no loose parts. Look at the printing and colour of the device, is it clear? Do the materials feel robust and are there any moulding marks on parks of the Bathmate Hydromax that come in contact with the skin and may cause irritation?

Fake Bathmate Hydromax sites are on the increase but real retailers of Bathmate Hydromax penis enlargers are being vigilant to ensure that the fake Bathmate Hydromax sites are being shut down as quickly as they appear but we do need your input.

If you spot a fake Bathmate Hydromax site then it is your responsibility to report it to ensure other users don’t suffer. Using the tips above should help you help us eradicate this problem.

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