My Bathmate Hercules Review

Before using Bathmate Hercules, I was an average size.

But seeing men in the locker room made me feel inadequate. It’s not that I went there to look, but it seemed whenever I saw blokes coming out of the showers in the gym they were bigger than me.

As a short guy, maybe I’m in proportion, but the idea the woman I was with had been with one of these bigger blokes made me embarrassed that I did not measure up.

The more I went to the gym, the more my paranoia grew so no matter how good my body looked I always ended up feeling second best – sometimes second best to the overweight guy who probably had no chance meeting up with women, but who made more of an impression in the bedroom thanks to his bigger cock.

In total, I was probably just under 5.5 inches back then which I’m told is average. But who wants to be average? I wanted my cock to look as good as my abs, my biceps, the rest of my body.

But looking in the mirror I felt my penis was out of place. Luckily, the internet is full of solutions for men who feel bad about their penis size and I found the most help in a series of blogs to which I’m still a member to this day almost two years on.

Bathmate Hercules

Body Confidence

Strangely, before I even started to see gains I felt better about the size of my penis when I began using Bathmate Hercules.

I suppose the same goes for when you exercise, you feel that muscle strain and you know you’ve done something good.

I had a good plan, something that men had talked about on the blogs, and I followed it to the letter.

That’s where it all started. I had lost my previous relationship just a couple of weeks before buying my first Bathmate as I’d started to feel so paranoid it was making me snappy. The break-up was the catalyst I needed to make a change.

Within about a month of using Bathmate I’d started doing what I had never done before – chatting up women in the clubs – and it was working for me thanks to Bathmate.

Even though the size changes were minimal at that point, knowing I had the Bathmate there really made a difference to me.

Size Gains

Straight away when you pump with a Bathmate Hercules your penis looks so big. It looks puffed up.

Unlike a normal erection, the tissue is a little squishy at first, but when you get more comfortable with the device you can pump really rigid erections that look huge. That’s the immediate pay-off with a Bathmate – it helps to give you great erections.

For size gains on the soft you have to use the device in a certain way and when you do you’ll start to see improvements within a couple of weeks on average.

Now, you’ll not see a massive gain like an inch or anything like that, but when it comes to your penis even a millimetre will stand out. Then, as those millimetres grow over the weeks they become centimetres and then inches.

From a starting point of 5.5 inches you’ll be lucky to make gains of much more than an inch. In 18 months of using the Bathmate Hercules I went from having erections of 5.5 inches to 6.5 and my penis is around .5 inches bigger on the soft.

That was good enough for me, so I stopped with my routine at that point and now use the Bathmate sporadically to ensure I don’t lose those gains.

Stamina Gains

Your penis is like a muscle, so when you start exercising it your penis begins to function better, which means it can hold more blood and store it for longer.

The Bathmate Hercules actually draws more blood into your penis right from the start and because it is filled more than its regular capacity this will make the outflow of blood slowdown due to the bottleneck.

Combine this with improved muscle function your stamina will improve a great deal with Bathmate – and for me this is the real secret benefit of the device.

I went from a five minute wonder to going for up to 45 minutes in just a couple of months. That is where I made my mark.

Improved technique

With the added stamina and improved penis size you can start to have sex differently and try new things.

Some men find particular positions trigger their ejaculation far sooner than they would like so they can barely get into a rhythm and enjoy sex.

Because of Bathmate Hercules I have found I can control my erections to a point that I can keep on going and try those sexual positions that I’ve wanted to try for ages.

Doggystyle was always an issue, but now I have it doggystyle the majority of the time and my partners love it.

Extra confidence

Bathmate has given me exactly what I was looking for but at the time never realised was missing – confidence.

The size gains my Bathmate Hercules has helped me achieve has given me confidence in the Bathmate itself and that’s the reason I have kept going with it.

The fact Bathmate has delivered me the size gains I wanted and the confidence that was missing has meant that now when it comes to women I can approach them with confidence and the sex is better than I imagined.

I don’t remember if women ever really had an issue with my penis size prior to Bathmate but now I know for definite they don’t have any issues at all.

So that’s my experience of the Bathmate Hercules. If you have a similar story, why not leave your comment below and share your experience with other users.

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