Bathmate Hydromax Users Are More Likely to Get a Date on Tinder

Ever wondered how to get more likes on the popular mobile dating app Tinder? It seems like one of the best ways you can increase your popularity is use your Bathmate Hydyromax more – so our recent survey suggests.

Tinder Dating

We polled a group of men, some of whom use Bathmate Hydromax regularly and others who rarely or don’t use a Bathmate at all, and were stunned by the results – if you use your Bathmate Hydromax regularly you’re around 50% more likely to get a “yes” than a “no” rating.

Although we found it difficult to isolate a scientific reason for these results, after asking women why they swiped right one pattern we found was that a man who looks like he is sexually confident is more attractive – even more than how a man looks.

Another surprising result was that men who smile, look like they know how to have fun and wear fashionable clothes are almost as equally important to women as features such as good hair, nice eyes and good body.

Using a Bathmate Hydromax is one of the quickest and safest ways to improve sexual confidence. It gets you hard in an instant, giving you a stronger and bigger erection than you can possibly gain through natural stimulus alone. This gives you confidence and the ability to be better in the bedroom.

Over time, the benefits of Bathmate Hydromax continue to grow along with you – giving you penis size gains that will help to unlock the stud within. And yes, the results will be permanent and evident when flaccid and erect.

You don’t have to show it off – in fact we recommend you don’t, if you want to keep using Tinder to attract women – but knowing you have something more to offer is definitely going to help you out in the way you put yourself across to others.

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