Bathmate Hydromax Routines for Increased Penis Size

When starting out with your Bathmate Hydromax the most important thing you must remember to do is to begin with a routine that will work from the first day until the last. Start as you mean to go on and stick with a plan that is safe and will give you penis size gains without causing damage and with a Bathmate routine that is easy to stick with.

Bathmate Routine

Here is our beginners guide on how long you should use your Bathmate Hydromax, with a programme that has shown really positive results for many Bathmate users.

Week 1 – 2

Using a Bathmate Hydromax penis pump can be a shock to the system if you use it incorrectly. As a man, you’ll want to push yourself to your very limits to speed up the process, but if you go about things this way then the end result won’t be pleasant. Patience is vital when it comes to penis enlargement – remember this for the first two weeks of using your pump. You need to be disciplined and work your way into it, getting your body used to the sensation of the pump so that you don’t damage your penis.

Being gentle is vital for the first two weeks of your Bathmate routine. It is generally accepted that you should pump for around 8 minutes with a flaccid penis when you are starting out, pumping your penis every other day. By pumping with a flaccid penis you’ll put less pressure on your penis. If you ignore this advice and begin your Bathmate routine pumping with an erect penis you might find your penis feels bruised and ruptured making erections painful.

During use, if you feel the sensation of the pump is making you feel aroused then suspend pumping temporarily and allow your erection to go away then continue as advised.

Week 3 – 4

After a couple of weeks you should have begun to feel more comfortable with the device. By week 3 you should have got past any initial soreness and your penis should have begun responding to the vacuum and the penis enlargement process should have already started to show some positive signs.

At this point in your Bathmate routine you should begin to express with a stiffer penis. Between week 3 and the end of week four begin to experiment with levels of arousal, starting with around 50% of an erection and developing your levels working up to a fully erect penis by week 5.

As you continue to enhance your erection level you can also gradually build up the amount of time you pump, working towards around twelve minutes of pumping by the end of week 4, once again pumping every other day.

Once again it is important to make sure when you are increasing your levels you do so gradually for the very same reasons you want to avoid jumping straight in during the first weeks of use; your penis won’t respond to being pushed too hard and if you do cause yourself injury any progress you have made will be wasted when you have to suspend your Bathmate routine.

Week 5+

Once you have got to week 5 then you’ll be in a position where your penis enhancement will really begin to get going. At this point of your Bathmate routine your body will have become comfortable with the device – but that doesn’t mean to say you can increase your usage tenfold and things will be fine. You’ll always have to build up slowly to ensure your body can cope with the device and your penis can make size gains safely.

If you have managed to safely increase your level to 12 minutes of pumping every other day you can still continue gradually increasing this if you see fit. By now you should know how your penis responds to the Bathmate and will have a good enough basis to know how frequently you can use the device. It is still advised to keep device usage to every other day, but as you keep moving forward you might feel your body is responding to the Bathmate in a way where you can change this – perhaps to two days on and one day off.

When it comes to limits, we advise you don’t go beyond 15 minutes of pumping with an erect penis on any one day. Some expert Bathmate users will say you can work towards this kind of level, but for beginners it is always best to stay safe and keep your use gradual. That way you can enjoy your Bathmate and the size gains it can give you – rather than lamenting excessive use which can really end-up painful.

Daily Use

Of course, you can add a bit of daily use to your Bathmate routine if you’re using it to enhance your erections. After all, Bathmate isn’t just for increasing your penis size, it’s also brilliant at giving you quicker and bigger erections. Just a couple of minutes of normal use, stopping when you’re at your maximum erection size, is fine in addition to your Bathmate routine – so long as you’re not at a stage when you’re increasing your regular Bathmate use by more than a few seconds.

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