Bathmate Hercules or Jes Extender?

If you have done your research you’ll know there are two penis extension devices leading the way – Bathmate Hercules and Jes Extender. Both have been around for many years and both are very different but the all-important question is which one will be better for you?

Jes Extender

Jes Extender offers a more traditional approach to penis extension. This spring-loaded stretching brace is worn under clothing for several hours a day and continually works to stretch the penis encouraging the penis to grow. Bathmate Hercules on the other hand uses modern technology, requires just 30 minutes use per day and can be used discreetly in the bath or shower.

In terms of ease of use Bathmate Hercules leads the way. Because the Jes Extender needs to be worn under clothing it can come loose, fall off, or become uncomfortable. When using Bathmate it is always in your hand, giving you more control. There’s also no danger of anyone spotting you using your Bathmate – which could be embarrassing – unless you operate an open door policy in your bathroom.

When it comes to results there is no doubting that the Jes Extender has a huge following, almost equal to Bathmate’s own customer base. The reason for this is that it does work. But, because of the practical issues using the Jes Extender as opposed to products in the Bathmate Hydromax range we feel Bathmate will always offer better penis size gains. With Bathmate many testimonials will show gains of centimetres in just a few months whereas Jes Extender is likely to take almost twice that time.

In addition to Bathmate Hydromax offering better size gains, it will also give you an instant erection – a bigger one than usual – making it the perfect pre-sex tool.

The Jes Extender is a great piece of kit and a fantastic brand, but when compared to the Bathmate Hercules as an entry level product there really is no comparison. Bathmate wins in every key area making it a far better product whether you have experience of penis extension or not.

Just like the Jes Extender, Bathmate Hydromax offers a range of products beginning with the Bathmate Hercules and extending right up to the Bathmate Goliath – offering more features and increased capacity as you continue to make penis size gains.

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