Bathmate Hydromax Users Are More Likely to Get a Date on Tinder

Ever wondered how to get more likes on the popular mobile dating app Tinder? It seems like one of the best ways you can increase your popularity is use your Bathmate Hydyromax more – so our recent survey suggests.

Tinder Dating

We polled a group of men, some of whom use Bathmate Hydromax regularly and others who rarely or don’t use a Bathmate at all, and were stunned by the results – if you use your Bathmate Hydromax regularly you’re around 50% more likely to get a “yes” than a “no” rating.

Although we found it difficult to isolate a scientific reason for these results, after asking women why they swiped right one pattern we found was that a man who looks like he is sexually confident is more attractive – even more than how a man looks.

Another surprising result was that men who smile, look like they know how to have fun and wear fashionable clothes are almost as equally important to women as features such as good hair, nice eyes and good body.

Using a Bathmate Hydromax is one of the quickest and safest ways to improve sexual confidence. It gets you hard in an instant, giving you a stronger and bigger erection than you can possibly gain through natural stimulus alone. This gives you confidence and the ability to be better in the bedroom.

Over time, the benefits of Bathmate Hydromax continue to grow along with you – giving you penis size gains that will help to unlock the stud within. And yes, the results will be permanent and evident when flaccid and erect.

You don’t have to show it off – in fact we recommend you don’t, if you want to keep using Tinder to attract women – but knowing you have something more to offer is definitely going to help you out in the way you put yourself across to others.

My Bathmate Hercules Review

Before using Bathmate Hercules, I was an average size.

But seeing men in the locker room made me feel inadequate. It’s not that I went there to look, but it seemed whenever I saw blokes coming out of the showers in the gym they were bigger than me.

As a short guy, maybe I’m in proportion, but the idea the woman I was with had been with one of these bigger blokes made me embarrassed that I did not measure up.

The more I went to the gym, the more my paranoia grew so no matter how good my body looked I always ended up feeling second best – sometimes second best to the overweight guy who probably had no chance meeting up with women, but who made more of an impression in the bedroom thanks to his bigger cock.

In total, I was probably just under 5.5 inches back then which I’m told is average. But who wants to be average? I wanted my cock to look as good as my abs, my biceps, the rest of my body.

But looking in the mirror I felt my penis was out of place. Luckily, the internet is full of solutions for men who feel bad about their penis size and I found the most help in a series of blogs to which I’m still a member to this day almost two years on.

Bathmate Hercules

Body Confidence

Strangely, before I even started to see gains I felt better about the size of my penis when I began using Bathmate Hercules.

I suppose the same goes for when you exercise, you feel that muscle strain and you know you’ve done something good.

I had a good plan, something that men had talked about on the blogs, and I followed it to the letter.

That’s where it all started. I had lost my previous relationship just a couple of weeks before buying my first Bathmate as I’d started to feel so paranoid it was making me snappy. The break-up was the catalyst I needed to make a change.

Within about a month of using Bathmate I’d started doing what I had never done before – chatting up women in the clubs – and it was working for me thanks to Bathmate.

Even though the size changes were minimal at that point, knowing I had the Bathmate there really made a difference to me.

Size Gains

Straight away when you pump with a Bathmate Hercules your penis looks so big. It looks puffed up.

Unlike a normal erection, the tissue is a little squishy at first, but when you get more comfortable with the device you can pump really rigid erections that look huge. That’s the immediate pay-off with a Bathmate – it helps to give you great erections.

For size gains on the soft you have to use the device in a certain way and when you do you’ll start to see improvements within a couple of weeks on average.

Now, you’ll not see a massive gain like an inch or anything like that, but when it comes to your penis even a millimetre will stand out. Then, as those millimetres grow over the weeks they become centimetres and then inches.

From a starting point of 5.5 inches you’ll be lucky to make gains of much more than an inch. In 18 months of using the Bathmate Hercules I went from having erections of 5.5 inches to 6.5 and my penis is around .5 inches bigger on the soft.

That was good enough for me, so I stopped with my routine at that point and now use the Bathmate sporadically to ensure I don’t lose those gains.

Stamina Gains

Your penis is like a muscle, so when you start exercising it your penis begins to function better, which means it can hold more blood and store it for longer.

The Bathmate Hercules actually draws more blood into your penis right from the start and because it is filled more than its regular capacity this will make the outflow of blood slowdown due to the bottleneck.

Combine this with improved muscle function your stamina will improve a great deal with Bathmate – and for me this is the real secret benefit of the device.

I went from a five minute wonder to going for up to 45 minutes in just a couple of months. That is where I made my mark.

Improved technique

With the added stamina and improved penis size you can start to have sex differently and try new things.

Some men find particular positions trigger their ejaculation far sooner than they would like so they can barely get into a rhythm and enjoy sex.

Because of Bathmate Hercules I have found I can control my erections to a point that I can keep on going and try those sexual positions that I’ve wanted to try for ages.

Doggystyle was always an issue, but now I have it doggystyle the majority of the time and my partners love it.

Extra confidence

Bathmate has given me exactly what I was looking for but at the time never realised was missing – confidence.

The size gains my Bathmate Hercules has helped me achieve has given me confidence in the Bathmate itself and that’s the reason I have kept going with it.

The fact Bathmate has delivered me the size gains I wanted and the confidence that was missing has meant that now when it comes to women I can approach them with confidence and the sex is better than I imagined.

I don’t remember if women ever really had an issue with my penis size prior to Bathmate but now I know for definite they don’t have any issues at all.

So that’s my experience of the Bathmate Hercules. If you have a similar story, why not leave your comment below and share your experience with other users.

The Best Way To Get A Bigger Dick

I am going to let you into a secret – there are many ways to increase the size of your penis.

At Bathmate they have made their business on the back of believing Bathmate Hydromax is by far the best way to get a bigger dick, but the internet is filled with other alternatives.

Bigger Dick


If you’re looking for a better quality erection, then penis pills are great.

Your doctor can offer you several sorts of pill that will make your erections harder and in-turn make them look bigger than usual.

There are also some great herbal remedies out there and, of course, you can make your erections harder and longer lasting by using a penis ring.


To add extra length, some men will go as far as opting for surgical procedures such as penile elongation surgery.

There are several surgeries available, the most popular of which involves cutting the suspensory ligament (which you can feel going inside your body) freeing up extra length.

This does of course mean that when you do get hard the angle of your erection is lower than before.


If it is girth you’re after, this is far trickier. Invasive procedures are out there which involve injections of collagen, but this is painful and your body will eventually absorb the collagen, leaving you with nothing but a sore penis.

Absorption can also take just a matter of hours, so you might never get to use your fatter penis.


If you’re confident enough to use a device, realistic penis sheathes will allow you to simulate a thicker and longer penis and can be bought from most sex shops.

So, what is the solution if you want a thicker and longer penis and you want a natural long-lasting gain?

As I have already said, it’s my opinion that the best way to get a bigger dick is to use the Bathmate; Bathmate offers long term gains and can improve both your penis length and penis girth – it can also give you a great erection too.


If you really want to get a bigger dick then the only way to find the best way that works for you is to try everything.

Sadly, that just is not practical, so what you must do is sum up the information given to you and go with the source that you trust the most. Do your research.

I am confident that the information you will find will point you towards Bathmate  – and I hope that with the 10 reasons you should buy a Bathmate Hydromax provided you better information when it comes to buy the device.

Why Penis Enlargement Pumps Do Not Work

Penis enlargement pumps do not work, or so you will be told by hundreds of online articles written sponsored by products that offer men either surgery or an alternative to the penis pump.

It’s a common issue across the media, no matter how reliable the source appears a PR machine will be behind the story – especially if it is a sensational one and there aren’t many topics more eye-catching than stories about penis size and penis enlargement.

Penis Pump

So, do penis pumps actually work? What sources can you trust? Well … the truth is that they only work if used properly and there aren’t many, if any, sources that tell both sides of the story.

One of the biggest problems with penis pumps is that a lot of men have used them to increase their penis size.

Ordinarily the more experience people have of a product the better the feedback is – but in this case we know from anecdotal evidence the majority of these penis pump users don’t use the device properly.

Penis pumps take a lot of work. That’s just a fact. But don’t let that put you off using a penis enlargement pump, as every alternative (even surgery) requires a lot of input to get results.

With penis enlargement you have to face the fact that you’ll have to put some effort in every day to see any kind of lasting size increase.

Our studies show that most men drop out of the routine after around 6 weeks, whilst on average men that see lasting results will have to put in at least three months of daily work to enlarge their penis with a penis pump.

Users of penis pumps have higher expectations than they should. Unfortunately other brands of penis pumps, disreputable websites, false information in the press and inbuilt male ambition all have a part to play in these expectations.

Even the genuine sources can be misleading sometimes. You will see genuine testimonials from men who have had amazing results really quickly – and these stories and images are recycled time and time again convincing people they too will see huge gains in no time at all.

The truth is, penis size gains differ from person to person. The information on the rest of this site is true, but if you haven’t seen the size improvements others have enjoyed make sure you’re using your penis pump correctly and just stick with it.

Know Your Bathmate and Hydromax

Like any market-leading product, Bathmate comes in a large variety of models, which can make buying the best Bathmate for you a difficult process.

To help, we have put together a simple buyer’s guide previewing some of the features of the entire Bathmate range and highlighting the differences between each model.

Hydromax Xtreme
Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme

Bathmate Hercules

The original Bathmate penis enlarger, the Bathmate Hercules offers a fantastic introduction into the world of penis enlargement.

Made using patented aqua pumping technology, the Hercules uses a special compression base to create a pressurised water chamber that gently expands the penis’ erectile capacity therefore increasing size both erect and flaccid.

Built with peace of mind at its heart, the Bathmate Hercules gives perfectly distributed expansion around the penis for improved comfort and has a special quick release button on its head allowing for instantaneous release of pressure allowing users to remove the device in seconds.

Bathmate Goliath

Bathmate Goliath offers increased size over its smaller brother the Bathmate Hercules. 30% bigger than its predecessor, this monster penis pump has been designed for those who have already achieved larger than average size gains or for those who were born with a lot but just want more.

Offering the exact same features in terms of its design, the Goliath gives more volume and more power – perfect for those who stick with their Bathmate and want to continue with the program.

Bathmate Hydromax X30

Taking the original Bathmate Hercules design and refining it further, the Bathmate Hydromax X30 features several enhancements that make it a more powerful and easier to use product.

By changing the valve system and gaiter, the Bathmate X30 gives even more pressure before putting even more power at users’ disposal.

Ideal for beginners who want big results and intermediate users who want a better device to enhance their progress, the X30 is fast becoming Bathmate’s most popular model.

Bathmate Hydromax X40

Bigger and even more powerful, the Bathmate Hydromax X40 is the next step up from the X30.

Featuring the same design improvements, this new model of Bathmate is aimed at men who are longer and thicker than average or for those who have experienced size gains so they can no longer comfortably fit into their Hydromax X30.

Featuring the same patented valve system and gaiter, the Bathmate X40 is a more refined version of the original Bathmate design and has been enhanced so that results are quicker and better than ever before.

Bathmate Xtreme X30

The latest and greatest in the Bathmate collection – the newest edition to the stable makes progress on the original Hydromax X30 design.

Boasting more power than ever before, this model is for the professional, for those really serious about penis enhancement.

More powerful, you get more pressure and more control and thanks to the addition of a Handball pump, users have two ways of pumping their Bathmate Xtreme X30, giving them even more control over their penis enhancement.

With the Xtreme X30 you can find your maximum limits with ease and make bigger gains faster than ever before.

In addition to offering power, the new design refinements also improve comfort and stability making Bathmate penis enlargement more pleasurable than ever before.

Bathmate Xtreme X40

Top-of-the-range, Bathmate Xtreme X40 is the pinnacle of the current Bathmate penis enlarger stable and is what all men should aspire to own.

One thing is for sure – if you have a Bathmate Xtreme X40 in your bathroom everyone will be impressed. Offering a wider and longer cylinder than its smaller relative, the Bathmate Xtreme X30, the Bathmate Xtreme X40 accommodates a bigger penis and offers even greater gains giving you end results that will make you the envy of everyone.

Featuring the exact same enhancements as the Xtreme X30 this new model the Xtreme x40 also features enhanced Bathmate patented technology with the inclusion of a Handball pump, offering two methods of penis enlargement in one device and even more power.

Bathmate Hercules or Jes Extender?

If you have done your research you’ll know there are two penis extension devices leading the way – Bathmate Hercules and Jes Extender. Both have been around for many years and both are very different but the all-important question is which one will be better for you?

Jes Extender

Jes Extender offers a more traditional approach to penis extension. This spring-loaded stretching brace is worn under clothing for several hours a day and continually works to stretch the penis encouraging the penis to grow. Bathmate Hercules on the other hand uses modern technology, requires just 30 minutes use per day and can be used discreetly in the bath or shower.

In terms of ease of use Bathmate Hercules leads the way. Because the Jes Extender needs to be worn under clothing it can come loose, fall off, or become uncomfortable. When using Bathmate it is always in your hand, giving you more control. There’s also no danger of anyone spotting you using your Bathmate – which could be embarrassing – unless you operate an open door policy in your bathroom.

When it comes to results there is no doubting that the Jes Extender has a huge following, almost equal to Bathmate’s own customer base. The reason for this is that it does work. But, because of the practical issues using the Jes Extender as opposed to products in the Bathmate Hydromax range we feel Bathmate will always offer better penis size gains. With Bathmate many testimonials will show gains of centimetres in just a few months whereas Jes Extender is likely to take almost twice that time.

In addition to Bathmate Hydromax offering better size gains, it will also give you an instant erection – a bigger one than usual – making it the perfect pre-sex tool.

The Jes Extender is a great piece of kit and a fantastic brand, but when compared to the Bathmate Hercules as an entry level product there really is no comparison. Bathmate wins in every key area making it a far better product whether you have experience of penis extension or not.

Just like the Jes Extender, Bathmate Hydromax offers a range of products beginning with the Bathmate Hercules and extending right up to the Bathmate Goliath – offering more features and increased capacity as you continue to make penis size gains.

Beware of Bathmate Hydromax Scam Sites

The internet is crammed with information on the so-called Bathmate Hydromax scam preventing men all over the world from experiencing the power of the world’s best penis enlargement device but don’t be put off by these unfounded claims.

Truth is there’s a Bathmate Hydromax scam –  don’t be fooled by the website claimed that tracking code as VIP code for a discounts. In fact it is an affiliate tracking code for commissions. It really doesn’t works and you can testify that is a scam.

[CBC show=”n” country=”bd,in,pk”]Bathmate Scam[/CBC]

On the other hand, big brands of competing products often post blogs and create sites in an attempt to ruin the reputation of a product in favour of their own, but as you can see in any Google search, there is plenty of information out there in support of the world’s best-selling aqua pump.

When buying a Bathmate Hydromax you must be careful to choose a reliable retailer. That is the only real Bathmate Hydromax scam out there – thanks to the popularity of the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump some sites are actually selling fake product that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Obviously buying an inferior quality product is a risk no matter how close it looks. We would recommend against buying a fake Bathmate Hydromax or any other imitation – especially when it comes to your physical safety. These poor quality products can cause irreparable damage to your penis.

The rule of thumb is if it looks too cheap or the offer is too good then it is likely to be a phoney product. Be safe out there – if you want to ensure the best result possible make sure you buy your Bathmate Hydromax from us.

With a Bathmate Hydromax penis pump you too can experience growth of several inches – depending on your original size – but the process can take time.

Watch out for Fake Bathmate Hydromax Sites

Like any popular product that comes with a premium price tag, the Bathmate Hydromax penis enhancement pump is being copied and fake products are flooding the market.

Every week we help to identify fake Bathmate Hydromax sites and close them down to protect our customers and the Bathmate name.

Although negative feedback about Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps is rare, it is usually the case that the bad experiences have been caused by products sold on fake Bathmate Hydromax sites and on online auctions like Ebay.

Therefore we always encourage you to find a top Bathmate Hydromax retailer, to protect yourself from a bad experience and to ensure that when you use your Bathmate Hydromax you’re doing so with complete confidence.

Things to Look for with a Fake Bathmate Hydromax Site

The first thing you should look at is the website. Does the site look poorly built and does it have a contact form? Many fake sites are closed down pretty quickly so fake Bathmate Hydromax sites don’t put the effort into design like a more established Bathmate Hydromax site will.

Of course, if the site is fake you’ll probably notice that it is very difficult to get hold of someone behind the scenes to ask a question about the product or send feedback about a purchase you have made. If there is no contact information on the site at all then steer clear.

Other signs to look out for include the product images. If the images don’t match up to what you would expect a Bathmate Hydromax to look like then the product you are looking at is probably not a Bathmate or Hydromax.

Some sites will use the Bathmate Hydromax name to draw you in but openly show you a completely different product so make sure you are familiarised with the models of Bathmate Hydromax on sale. If the product you’re looking at doesn’t match then stay away.

The last thing to look out for when identifying a fake Bathmate Hydromax site is the price. As a well-recognised branded product with lots of technology behind it, you won’t find a genuine Bathmate Hydromax on sale 50-60% lower than the typical RRP.

If you see these kinds of prices then leave straight away. If you see a Bathmate Hydromax on sale the biggest discount you’re likely to get from a genuine Bathmate Hydromax site is between 10-20%

Fake Bathmate Hydromax

Things to Look for When Your Bathmate Hydromax Arrives

The first thing you should do when you receive your Bathmate Hydromax is look closer at the product to ensure it is the real thing before you use it. Does the product match the pictures on the website, is it made to the high standards you would expect of a Bathmate Hydromax?

Make sure the product is sturdy and there are no loose parts. Look at the printing and colour of the device, is it clear? Do the materials feel robust and are there any moulding marks on parks of the Bathmate Hydromax that come in contact with the skin and may cause irritation?

Fake Bathmate Hydromax sites are on the increase but real retailers of Bathmate Hydromax penis enlargers are being vigilant to ensure that the fake Bathmate Hydromax sites are being shut down as quickly as they appear but we do need your input.

If you spot a fake Bathmate Hydromax site then it is your responsibility to report it to ensure other users don’t suffer. Using the tips above should help you help us eradicate this problem.

10 Reasons You Should Buy a Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

Buy Bathmate Hydromax – There has never been a better time to enlarge your penis. There’s more to this amazing penis enlargement system than meets the eye so we have put together 10 great reasons you should buy a Bathmate Hydromax aqua pump today.

Buy Bathmate Hydromax

To Increase the Length of Your Penis

If you want to buy a Bathmate Hydromax penis pump the main thing you’re probably after is an increase in the length of your penis.

This is fundamental. The Bathmate system has a long running and proven history of giving men extra length – you can find this out across hundreds of forums and thousands of websites selling this product.

It has grown from strength to strength and become so popular because it does deliver an increase in penis size. Fact.

To Add Extra Girth

Most women will tell you if they could choose between length and girth then girth is what they would go for, the reason being is that you only need 3 inches of length to touch a woman’s g-spot – which most men already have.

Having girth will provide an additional sensation – the stretching of the vaginal muscle. For a man, this is like the equivalent of having your balls played with while getting a blowjob; you can do without it, but it’s a fantastic addition.

Now if you haven’t got three inches you need to keep working for that goal to give your lover the ultimate in satisfaction, but don’t forget the extras girth can give and how important it is to the overall feeling.

To Make Your Erections Stronger

A strong erection looks great and makes you feel proud. The semi erect penis is not an attractive sight and will not make your lover feel at her best. These two things are both mood related and can make or break whether sex even happens.

Moving on from that, you need a stiff penis to be able to make good contact with the g-spot in order to take your lover to orgasm. Continual use of Bathmate Hydromax will help with this.

Increase Your Sexual Stamina

We always recommend you buy Bathmate Hydromax for the way it enhances sexual stamina. For us, this is one of the top two features of the product.

Just like Bathmate Hydromax can help to strengthen those erections continual use will also give you back improved control of your penis by way of making your muscles stronger.

The stronger the muscle the more control you will have and with practice you can prevent yourself from premature ejaculation much easier than without the Bathmate.

Improve Your Lovemaking Technique

Improved sexual stamina coupled with a better functioning erection will allow you to explore sex more.

By being able to control yourself better and offer more to your lover your ability to try new things and achieve greater sensation for the pair of you will increase greatly.

Bragging Rights Among Your Friends

If you buy a Bathmate Hydromax and use it correctly then you’ll become a better lover. The product is made to make people better at sex and more confident about what they’re doing.

The knock on effect is going to be that you get noticed more. When you get noticed, your friends will notice – it’s a simple case of cause and effect.

To Get Talked About by Women

Do you know the feeling of satisfaction you get when sat in a room with a bunch of your partner’s friends and in an attempt to put you down she tells them you slept with the local skank years ago, only for the rest of the room to chorus “Oh, you’re the one with the big cock?” I do; and it’s awesome.

What they don’t know is my secret was Bathmate Hydromax. When you’ve made an impression, women talk about this stuff more than men and when rumours spread the curiosity factor means their inhibitions disappear very quickly.

Make Sex Feel Better

With Bathmate Hydromax you will feel a difference. Use it every day and it will improve the way your penis functions.

Use it directly before sex and you’ll feel a huge difference – as you can pump more blood into your penis than you would naturally achieve; the more blood in your penis, the more sensation you feel.

An On-Demand Erection

Buy Bathmate if you frequently or occasionally suffer from erectile dysfunction. Whether it’s stress, brewers droop or something else – Bathmate Hydromax can give you an instant erection.

At the end of the day, Bathmate Hydromax is a penis pump and in medicine a penis pump’s primary function is to give men an erection. Use when you’re already aroused and you can get even more benefits.

It Feels Great

If you want a great tool that’s fun to use in the shower then buy a Bathmate Hydromax. It does feel amazing.

Other penis pumps hurt. This feels fantastic in warm water and you might find rather than having a wank you whip out your Bathmate Hydromax and enjoy yourself while making your penis bigger. It won’t make you cum, but it will make you smile.

It’s Not Your Penis Size That Matters, It’s the Way It Looks

New scientific research claims that women actually respond more to the way your penis looks rather than the size of it, which is great news for men who think their penis is too small.

The research, conducted by the University Children’s Hospital in Zurich and covered in an article by the Telegraph, ranks eight characteristics of the penis including pubic appearance, the importance of foreskin and appearance of the scrotum.

In the results, it shows that for women the general cosmetic appearance of the penis was ranked number 1 in importance, whereas penile length came in at sixth place for most important feature.

Looking Good

Sadly there were no conclusions drawn as to what women’s expectations are in terms of what they consider ‘normal’ looking but there are clearly some small changes you can make that will make you more sexually appealing – like keeping your pubic hair in line (the second most important).

Of course, if you feel your penis size is under average this could be considered a cosmetic disadvantage, so finding out how to get a bigger penis should still be high in your priority list.

Thankfully, starting out with grooming is a great idea for all men as trimming back your pubic hair will make your penis appear bigger because there will be more on show. Following on from that, some kind of treatment will be needed.

Obviously as advocates of Bathmate we believe any man looking at how to get a bigger penis needs to try the Bathmate penis pump system. It is safe, effective and fun and gives men a better quality erection, which is an added bonus. Using the Bathmate system correctly could give men up to two extra inches of penis length – results that will last permanently and will be evident both erect and flaccid.

The Bathmate penis pump works by increasing blood flow and stretching the elastic chamber that makes up the penis. This in-turn works with the body’s natural regenerative process and with repetitive use on a daily basis causes your penis to gradually enlarge.

For men looking how to get a bigger penis, one positive part of the research coming out of Switzerland is that even if size does play a part in what women find attractive in a man’s cock, while you may have to get a bit bigger to be desirable you definitely don’t have to be the biggest; a little more could just be enough.